Why I’m Running

I am running for State Representative because I believe New Canaan and Wilton are among the best communities in Connecticut. I have been lucky enough to spend almost 30 years here. My wife Karen and I raised our son here, found a community of friends to cherish and celebrated many of the happiest moments of our lives here.

Over the last year, all of us have seen what goes on in Washington, what is happening in Hartford and the crises facing our society. I know many of us have been disturbed by the trends in our world, and many of us, regardless of political persuasion, have decided to “step up our game,” believing things CAN be better. My choice is to run for State Representative from the 125th District.

On your behalf, I will work to:

  • Improve leadership and reduce partisan infighting
  • Stop gun violence
  • Preserve quality education
  • Fix our failing transportation system


Why do I think I can make a difference?

My track record of effective community service has always seemed to me to be a natural extension of my considerable business experience in the areas of leadership development, executive coaching, change management and human resources.

I have spent my career helping individuals and organizations understand what it takes to be successful leaders and managers. Now I want to use those skills in the service of the 125th district, to help those who lead our state find common ground and unlock hidden opportunities to better serve our communities.

The issue is leadership.

I am running for State Representative because our state needs better management and leadership.

Let’s start with Hartford. For the most part, I don’t think the issue is policies – I think the issue is management. GE went to Massachusetts. That is not a tax issue. It is a leadership issue. If you look at the inefficiency of the budget process – again that is a leadership issue.

I know business, and I know how to help people lead more effectively so their organizations can perform. I can bring that expertise to Hartford.

  1. A major reason why people come to New Canaan and Wilton is because of the schools. I have a master’s degree in education and counseling. More important, my 23 years of long-range planning experience in the school system means I can effectively support education and help keep it one of the major reasons why people move to our towns.
  2. I am a Fire Commissioner. Being responsible for first responders teaches you about the importance of safety in making our communities great places to live. I will work to ensure Hartford recognizes that as well.
  3. Finally, many of you know that I think data and facts, not ideology, are the way to solve problems and set an achievable path to the future. That means I work in a nonpartisan way, focusing on solving the problems we face in New Canaan and Wilton – and Hartford – so we can build a better society.

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