10 Reasons for Ross

Kicking off this list with Reason number 1️⃣0️⃣ is my commitment to the environment. Beginning with my years as a Boy Scout and continuing with my involvement with organizations like Wilton Pollinator Pathway, I am invested in and care deeply about the environment and would bring this devotion to Hartford. I know the impact climate change has on our health, our economies, and our community’s future. I vow to always vote in favor of legislation that protects our environment, like Public Act 13 – 179. This bill, raised by the Environmental Committee, prepares Connecticut for the effects of climate change. My opponent was one of only six members of the House to vote against preparing for climate change. We can do better.

Reason number 9️⃣ to vote for Ross: As a dad and a Columbia University Teachers College professor, and having been a chair of Wilton’s Long Range School Planning Teams for 22 years, I know our schools are our biggest asset. Education is at the heart of why people move to New Canaan and Wilton. Our world-class schools prepare our daughters and sons for the considerable challenges they will face for the rest of their lives. Kids thrive when the learning experience is personal, and the district succeeds when it has adequate resources, takes advantage of the latest technology, and integrates that technology into the most appropriate teaching approach for each student. Education has always been one of my top priorities, and will be if I am your elected official in Hartford.

In the nearly 30 years I have lived in Wilton, I have dedicated myself to our community. My commitment to public service is Reason number 8️⃣to vote for me. I have applied my extensive business experience and skills to help others find common ground and unlock hidden opportunities to better serve the community. I spent over two decades chairing long-range planning teams at the elementary, middle school, high school, and district levels. Currently, as a Fire Commissioner, I have experience with unions, the renovation of the Marhoffer Fire Station, and the town budget. I also chair the Democratic Nominating Committee – leading a team that identifies and then recommends members of the community to serve on Town Boards and Commissions. My passion is helping others, and I hope to be able to bring this passion to Hartford.

My professional accomplishments reflect my passion to understand the complexity of an issue and determine the best way to understand and resolve problems. It’s Reason number 7️⃣ to vote for me. This desire to strengthen my expertise so I can deeply explore an issue has been a core part of my professional enthusiasm.

Over the years I have published over 25 articles, been a member of the Editorial Boards of Training Magazine and the OD Practitioner, been President of the Southern Connecticut Chapter of the Association of Talent Development, and presented at national conferences. I have consulted in the areas of leadership development and large system organizational change and coached senior leaders, and I have done this across industries as different as manufacturing, consumer packaged goods, pharmaceuticals, and financial services.

My interest in developing a deep understanding to make a difference in my profession is what motivates me to serve in the state legislature in Hartford. I invite you to check out my LinkedIn profile to see how I use my expertise to directly serve my clients. This is what I hope to do for you in Hartford: to work together to creatively confront the critical issues facing Connecticut and our society.


Have you had to scramble for an absentee ballot, triple check that you were registered to vote before yesterday’s deadline, or lament the fact Connecticut does not have early or mail in voting? Expanding participation in the Democratic Process is Reason number 6️⃣ to vote for me. I would not be running for office without state funding from the Citizens’ Election Program, which I believe is vital to creating a more accessible government and voting process. It keeps dark money out of campaigns, and has made my run for office 100% transparent as well as capped my expenses. At the Wilton League of Women Voters Forum, my opponent said he agreed with me on early voting and absentee ballots when he actually voted against early voting as recently as the 2018 legislative session. He also hopes to eliminate the Citizens’ Election Program. In Hartford, I will work to expand voting to eligible voters, and reduce barriers to running for office. Democracy works best when every person participates.

Reason number 5️⃣ to vote for me is my vow to view our state’s budget through a long term lens and work across the aisle to find real fiscal solutions. My opponent talks about cutting 20% across the board, which equates to $2 billion. This cut would be devastating to education, transportation, and other vital services. I would rather take a strategic approach to reduce the budget by 1% via the elimination of the Gift and Estate Taxes while working to bring new businesses and other forms of revenue to Connecticut – including tolls and negotiating union contract terms. We also need to ensure Connecticut is a state that businesses are drawn to through initiatives like a business roundtable. I invite you to check out the state website’s DIY Revenue Calculator to manipulate taxpayer dollars to determine how much revenue is generated based on specific inputs.


Addressing women’s rights issues head-on is vital, and that is Reason number 4️⃣ to vote for me. We cannot have a successful society when we have a world that prevents some members of that society from contributing and and meeting their potential. We will not have a successful society, strong families, or children who can achieve their potential until we ensure that we have a culture that fully supports women. Women are not just 51% of Connecticut’s population, they are 60% of the Connecticut workforce. I back all efforts to create a level playing field so that all members of Connecticut’s labor force can fully participate. I support paid family and medical leave, sexual harassment training and protections, and pay equity. Together these three protections advance the economic security of women and the wellbeing of our state’s workforce, and maximize the prosperity of Connecticut’s citizens.

My opponent has voted against the values that reflect the transformations affecting our society. He voted against birth control coverage in health care plans, against affirmative consent, against eliminating a statute of limitations for sexual assault, and against combatting sexual harassment and assault — a bill he referred to as a “jobs killer.” I promise as your State Representative to always make women’s rights a priority.

Keeping our families safe from gun violence is the 3️⃣rd Reason to vote for me. As a Mom’s Demand Action Gun Sense Candidate and a Wilton Fire Commissioner, I support legislation to close loopholes in our background check system; that minimizes open carry; to make it illegal for those on the FBI terror watch list to buy a gun; to repeal the Dickey Amendment that bans gun violence research at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC); to encourage licensing requirements for handgun purchases; and to help keep guns out of houses of worship, the hands of domestic abusers, or people who demonstrate dangerous behaviors.

The presence of guns in society creates a hidden tax as people and municipalities make investments to protect themselves. I support the taxation of semiautomatic weapons, bullets and gun magazines to generate revenue that can be used to fund research and make “soft targets” safe. Consequently, I endorse the taxation of weapons, ammunition and large capacity magazines. The money collected through this taxation will be dedicated to increasing the resources necessary to create a safe society.

My intention to build a future that considers and supports all of us is Reason number 2️⃣ to vote for me. My entire campaign has been centered around a deep respect for transparency, moral compass, innovation, values, and hard work. I make the right decision, even if that means making the more difficult decision to represent the voters’ voice.

My opponent says he is the most bipartisan representative in Hartford, but there is no basis to this claim — or, it is a testament to his extremely partisan party. In 2018, he voted 97% of the time with his party. And when he was not voting with them, he was taking extreme positions that do not reflect the needs of our society or state.

I have knocked on over 4,000 doors (and counting!) and have had deep conversations with voters about the issues that matter most to them. Hundreds of people have helped and supported my campaign. The power of those discussions gives me a sense of urgency. I know I can help people find the path to building a strong future for New Canaan, Wilton, and Connecticut.

And finally, Reason number 1️⃣!

Come back soon for reason  1!